Fluently - Vocabulary App Case Study

Fluently Vocabulary App

OVERVIEW: Fluently is a vocabulary app focused on helping people to learn and be fluent in a new language. 
GOALS: Fluently app's primary focus is for people who move to a new country, especially for work, helping you become comfortable speaking professionally and in everyday conversation. 
Solo project; responsible for the UX Research and UX/UI Design
Timeline: 1 month
Tools: Pen & paper, post-it-notes, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Marvel, Keynote, Zoom (for user interviews)​​​​​​
- Learn and be fluent in a new language
- Language learners need to understand work jargon
- How can users learn on-the-go
- Learners feel insecure about speaking in public

- Flexible solutions to learn what and when you need it
- Practice often while doing day-to-day activities
- Connect with the community and language experts for group chats
- Design an app very interactive and dynamic

- Users were asked: what are you looking for when learning a new language? 
- We conducted interviews with four people, being two foreigners trying to learn English as a second language
- Users wanted to learn on the go
- Have the ability to practice with an expert as often as they can to be able to become fluent in a new language
Based on interviews, I developed a user persona that wants to learn a new language for her new life in the US as an Au Pair. 
- We conducted the usability testing on four users 
- We discovered that some of the participants weren't understanding some of the buttons in the app 
- Users noticed that they couldn't go back on the enrolling questionnaire page, and some basic actions were not visible to them
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