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Re-design CareerCoachingPro's (CCP) website to be cleaner, more clear, and standardized visuals, user interface, and brand. Their previous website, built on Adobe Portfolio, needed a refresh. In addition, Carmelina Piedra (Founder) needed a more substantial website to promote her business and wanted to add additional features and services to her clients and her e-commerce informational website.

Carmelina Piedra (Founder, Mentor, Head of UX), Niley Barros (UX/UI Design), Dalena Tran (UX Architect), Michaela Johnston (Video Editing)
DURATION: June - December 2021
TOOLS: Figma, Wix, Zoom, Miro, Mural, Post-Its, Notes, Pen, and Paper
- CCP doubled the number of people wanting to book Carmelina's services in the past year, and in order to keep up with the extra clients, it needed a new vision and website to keep up with the additional needs
- Coaching is increasing, so CCP needed a facelift and additional features to try and retain users 
- Currently, users can't purchase services or schedule directly from CCP's site
- There's also no ability to sell products or services on the existing website
- An upgrade was necessary to increase user's time on the site

- The assumption is that the user's time on the site is low because users aren't interacting with the current content
- One of our goals was to increase time on the site with custom visual design, and videos 
- Giving different products and services for all user types with other price tags and multiple options
- Create a strong community of mentees who have been trained and are available for hire 

- We were inspired by clean, colorful websites that utilized illustrated cards to express the service options clearly
- One of the main ideas was to use origamis as a focal point because the meaning is believed that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, one's wish would come true
- Origami is also known become a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times
- Mentor Carmelina inspires her mentees daily, and such as origami, she can envision something more significant and unique
- The Competitive Analysis was our first strategy to identify significant competitors and research their business approach in the mentoring / coaching segment
- This analysis will help us market CCP and promote it with future users
The mood board was created to set a look and feel of the website, find inspiration and start the process of re-design for CCP. With the mood board brainstorming session, we found the use of origami as our primary focus, and the most relevant images to tell Carmelina's story.
We created two personas to represent CCP's users best. Mike is currently looking for a new career path and guidance from a coach/mentor to best approach his new career goals. Bianca moved to the US a few years back and wants to advance her career in a brand new country. On top of helping with the best way to advance her career, she needs a lot of help from CCP on writing her resume, Linkedin, and especially learning how to network in a new country.
We used flow charts to illustrate users' pathways within the website. ​​​​​​​This process allowed us to evaluate and optimize the user experience and therefore increase users' conversion rates.​​​​​​​
In the CCP's flows, we included different entry points through a set of steps towards a successful outcome and final action, such as purchasing CCP's videos or 1:1 services directly in the site. 
Our goal was to have a content-driven structure for users to have access to all pages at the same level.
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