​​​​​​​Adobe + NASA Creative Jam
Team Project: My teammate, Dalena Tran, and I competed in the 2021 Adobe x NASA JPL Creative Jam. This Creative Jam is a design hackathon where we had one week to design a concept, according to the design challenge.
Timeline: 1 week
Tools: Pen & paper, Adobe XD, Zoom​​​​​​​
- Design a learning app about NASA JPL Mission for kids 11-13 in a more fun and interactive way
- Encourage kids to share the information they learned with their family and friends
- The app teaches kids about space exploration by teaching about a Sentinel-6, an Earth Mission 
- We decided to focus on Climate Change as our main focus for the app: showing kids how to take care of our planet
- Kids would act as agents, helping cities around the globe with fictional climate disasters
Problem Statement: Help kids learn more about space exploration by teaching about a single or multiple NASA JPL missions. Design an Android tablet or Apple iPad app that provides an engaging way for kids to learn and share space stories, facts, and topics.
My teammate and I used the Might How We format because it suggests that a solution is possible and offered us a chance to answer them in various ways, giving us the perfect frame for innovative thinking.
- We conducted interviews with two elementary school teachers, an astrophysics major (he was very interested in space when he was in elementary school), and a mom of two kids, 11 and 13
- We created a document with the questions + responses to facilitate the research
- We held the phone interviews to understand kids' behaviors on learning STEM topics and their knowledge in NASA and JPL Missions
We created two user personas to represent the ideal users identifying what they need from the Space Agents' app.
Brainstorm and Conceptualize
- We used a table of contents at Adobe XD and different plugins to work remotely and create a strategy for the content, design, and finding the solution to the design challenge
- One of our first exercises as a team was to do the Design Sprint Method called Crazy8's, quickly sketching eight distinct ideas in eight minutes. 
- We did this exercise together, using Zoom
- The prototype was created with Adobe XD
- My teammate and I learned new features and animations that we had never used before while working on the challenge
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